Luxury events made in Paris since 2010

  • Do you want to turn your brand messages into a powerful & inspiring storytelling experience?

    This is exactly what we love to do.

A skyrocket studio based in Paris

The Studio was founded in 2010 in Paris by Creative Director Nicolas Giroud
to help brands & communication agencies to create outstanding events to gather
their publics and promote their awesome products & services.

With a specific network of creative talents, Nicolas Giroud collaborates with international
clients to develop brand strategies & imagine stunning creative experiences.
The Studio has a strong experience in the fields of luxury, fashion, fragrance,
fine watchmaking, champagne, automotive industry, among others.

  • What if your customers could live an unforgettable journey right in the heart of your values & creative universe?

    We are here to help you to make it happen.

Approach & Values

Event communication is the most powerful opportunity for a brand to offer an emotional journey to its publics. We are social human beings in a digital era and we need to live, love, like & share for real. True emotion & brand experiences.

Aspirational Storytelling

to inspire

People don’t buy products, they buy a dream, a story of what it represents to them.

Taylor Made Experience

to love

It’s all about offering people a perfect taylor made hight quality experience or nothing.

Emotional Trigger

to action

Everyone is different but we all have an emotional trigger to action to reach the heart.

Unconventional Vision

to remember

Unconventional to make a difference, game changer, rule breaker, simply unforgettable.

  • The perfect equation for an outstanding brand experience is
    Inspire + Educate + Entertain

    Three words, one mission.

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  • Our vision: Shoot for the moon, even if you miss it, you will land among the stars.

    A bold & inspiring vision of life challenging us everyday


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"Nicolas is one of those rare species - a multi-talented creative profile with both the left and right brain working well together. Nicolas is imaginative, resourceful, well travelled - he always comes up with one or several interesting solutions no matter what the brand challenge is... I really enjoyed our past experiences during pitching, pre-production and on-site. With Nicolas, I am always looking forward to the next chance to collaborate."

Thomas Serrano - President and Founder - Havas Luxe New York